My office

The service that supports you on each step of your study process

With six years of hard work and over 2000 students under our belt, Schlossakademie has become a hub of experience in helping young musicians tackle all sorts of challenges. And now, we're thrilled to introduce the «MY OFFICE» project — a friendly helping hand tailored to support you in every step of your career development journey.

How can we help you?

Prodigy program

Tailored for children aged 8 and above who are embarking on their musical journey.

We will help a musically gifted child to find a teacher who will help him/her to develop properly

We will advise on the best place to apply to

Young student

Perfect for budding musicians, whether they're in music school, college, or university, and even recent graduates.

We will help you choose a teacher and educational institution, build the process of preparation for admission

We will help to transfer to another educational institution

We will advise you how to develop your career

We will help you find and prepare for music competitions

Concierge service

Here to assist you with any queries regarding documents and visas, making your journey smoother than ever.

Correctly draw up any documents for schouls/ colleges/ universities / competitions

We will help to solve visa/migration issues

We will solve any logistical issue

We will help to find accommodation

We look forward to your questions!

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Let's make dreams come true together!