Frequently asked questions

How to register?

There is a "REGISTER" button on every course's page. Click it, fill in all the forms (there might be more than one page), and click "FINISH". You will receive an automatic e-mail reply, which means that we have received your application. This e-mail contains further instructions on how to pay the course or request an accommodation. If you have any additional questions, feel free to reply to that e-mail.

How to book accommodation?

Please request the accommodation by email. You can reach us at , or simply reply to registration notification you received earlier (this is better, because we'll have your messages in one thread).

Let us know, when would you like to arrive and leave, and what kind of room do you need (single or a bed in a double room). We'll check the availability, confirm your booking and let you know the payment details.

How to pay?

The usual way is the bank transfer. You will get the bank account details by email immediately after registering.

You can also pay for the accommodation upon arrival, in cash or by credit card. Be aware, that our credit card payment provider charges additional 2,75% fee. Course payments are currently accepted by bank transfers only.

When should I arrive or depart?

The course dates are suggested by the professor long time in advance, so they may be corrected later. But it is usually safe to plan your journey so, that you arrive on the first day of the course and leave on the next day after the last day. If you arrive by plane (i.e. to Berlin) and have many changes to do – we suggest arriving one day before the course begins.

I already registered, when are my lessons?

The exact lessons schedule is compiled and sent to every participant a few days before the course starts.

What do I need to bring along?

Bring your scores for the professor and for the pianist.

If you ordered accommodation – we provide bed linens and towels, but bring your own bathroom amenities.