Schlossakademie Germany
Masterclasses locations Hamburg

Villa Rahlstedt

Hamburg, Germany


Hamburg, Germany

Schnittke Akademie

Hamburg, Germany

Musik Quartier

Vienna, Austria

Tonstudio Ölberg-Kirche

Berlin, Germany

Liechtensteinisches Landesmuseum

Vaduz, Liechtenstein

About the Academy

The Schlossakademie opened in 2018 with the first International Music Festival, "Schlossfestspiele Hohenpriessnitz". Participants of each masterclass receive a unique and special experience.

World-famous pedagogues in violin, cello, viola, piano, composition, and orchestral conducting share their secrets of instrumental playing, honed over years of practice.

Our students perform alongside professors, presenting a rich and versatile program on a high international level for sophisticated European audiences. We're proud to have excellent, internationally renowned professors and concert musicians teaching in our academy, including Prof. Mihaela Martin, Prof. Boris Kuschnir, Prof. Frans Helmerson, Prof. Viktor Tretiakov, Prof. Wolfgang Emanuel Schmidt, and many others.

We have locations in Hamburg, Germany (Villa Rahlstedt, Klang­manufaktur, Schnittke Academy), Vienna, Austria (Das Musik Quartier), Berlin, Germany (Tonstudio Ölberg-Kirche), Vaduz, Liechtenstein (Liechtensteinisches Landesmuseum).

Schlossakademie offers a range of opportunities for individuals of all ages to acquire necessary skills in a way that is convenient for them. In addition to our traditional in-person courses, we also offer online lessons to accommodate a variety of schedules and preferences. We continuously explore innovative approaches to teaching, including adapting lesson formats and providing additional options for students to enhance the educational experience and make it more diverse and engaging.