We provide an opportunity to perform with a symphony orchestra during the International Festival "Schlossfestspiele Hohenpriessnitz 2019" (period of 21-27 July 2019). This includes one rehearsal, one warm-up rehearsal before the concert and the public performance. The piece of your choice can be up to 15 minutes long.


The Taurida Orchestra looks back on a long legacy since the times of Catherine the Great. In 1790 Grigori Potemkin, her noble favourite, founded his international orchestra. It quickly became so successful that it started to hire world renowned soloists, even Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart played cembalo there.

The orchestra was re-established after the disintegration of the USSR by an initiative of the CIS countries in St. Petersburg in the tradition of Grigori Potemkin. Today's orchestra is an alliance of creative and committed professional musicians, which has already been able to present its mastery under more than 20 countries, under the direction of the conductor Mikhail Golikov.

In Germany, the orchestra is a permanent guest at prestigious festivals such as the "Russian Cultural Days" in Baden-Baden. True to the tradition of the "old" chapel from the 18th century, the orchestra's line-up remained international, combining musicians from Russia, Ukraine, the USA, Finland, Belarus, Moldavia and Kazakhstan.

Public performance with Taurida State Symphony Orchestra

21.07.2019 – 28.07.2019

8 days

Public concert with Taurida State Symphony Orchestra including:

  • 1 rehearsal,
  • 1 "dress rehearsal" before the concert,
  • performance

The piece of choice must not be longer than 15 min.

Festival Schlossfestspiele Hohenpriessnitz offers full-board accommodation for students participating in the masterclass and their attendants at an affordable price.

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Course location:

Schloss Hohenpriessnitz
Eilenburger Landstraße 8, 04838 Hohenpriessnitz, Germany

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