Prof. Lidia Baich

Music and Arts University of the City of Vienna

10.02.2025 – 14.02.2025

Course length: 5 days


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Villa Rahlstedt
Paalende 24, 22149 Hamburg, Germany

About Prof. Lidia Baich

Lidia Baich is regarded as one of the most versatile violin soloists of the classical young generation. The Austrian who was born in St. Petersburg received her first violin lesson from her grand-father when she was just four years old. When she was eight she won her first international competition, this was followed by many more first prizes. At the age of sixteen, her outstanding musical performance earned her first place in the 1998 Grand Prix d’Eurovision and the title „European Musician of the year”.

Lidia Baich plays recitals as well as as a soloist with orchestra, performing in the world’s leading concert halls. Concert-tours have taken her to Japan, China, Russia, USA, Korea, South Africa, Argentina, Brazil and Great Britain, where she played under world famous conductors with world’s top orchestras e.g. the New York Philharmonic, St. Petersburg Philharmonic, Tokyo Philharmonic, Malaysia Philharmonic, Berlin Symphony Orchestra, the Vienna Symphony Orchestra.

As a passionate chamber musician Lidia plays with partners like Nobuko Imai, Aleksey Igudesman, Hyung-Ki Joo, Boris Giltburg and Matthias Fletzberger and has performed at festivals including the Vienna Festival and the Salzburg Festival.

Lidia Baich also serves as a jury member at prestigious violin competitions such as the Eurovision- or the Menuhin-Competition. Since 2014 she is also teaching at the Konservatorium Wien University.

Another concern of Lidia is the promotion of young talents; she presents young musicians, holds master classes and plays special concerts for children. The mediation of classical music in general is of great interest for her.

Lidia plays a violin made by Joseph Guarnerius del Gesú „ex Guilet” in 1732, made available to her by courtesy of the Austrian National Bank.

Her recent activities include concerts in middle and east europe as well as in the middle east as well as the release of her third CD.

The multifaceted career of the Viennese pianist Matthias Fletzberger includes the musical child prodigy as well as the classical pianist, conductor, producer of operas and clubbing organizer. Already at the age of 20 Matthias Fletzberger won several international competitions („Busoni”, „Rubinstein”, „Callas”, „Bösendorfer”, a.o.). His intensive concert activity brought him to all continents and includes cooperations with eminent conductors.

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