In 2012 he made his Master Degree in Prof. Anatoli Krastev’s class – National Academy of Music, Sofia. From 2011 to 2014 Krastev studied in Escuela de Música Rejna Sofia, Madrid, specializing with Prof. Natalia Shakhovskaia.
He attended masterclases with David Geringas, Frans Helmerson, Arto Noras, Natalia Gutman, Antonio Meneses, Lluis Claret, Young-Chang Cho, Tomas Carroll, Robert Cohen, Daniel Weis, Maria Kliegel, Reinhard Latzko, Thomas Demenga etc.

Currently he teaches cello at the NMA "Pancho Vladigerov" – Ph.D from 2016, assistant professor from 2016 and Chief assistant professor from 2017. From 2001 to 2015, Atanas Krastev won 16 First and Special Prizes at national and international competitions (Bulgaria, Austria, Czech Republic, Serbia, Spain), including: Award for Chamber Music in Madrid (bestowed

by Queen Sofia), the International Competition for cellists "Liezen" (Austria, 2014), International Competition "Jeunesses musicale", Belgrade (Serbia, 2015). He was awarded the Diploma and Award of the Bulgarian Ministry of Culture, the Title of the Academy of Young Talents, the Golden Muse Award for the performance of Russian music, and the Crystal Lyre of the UBMD (2007 and 2012).

Atanas Krastev has performed in Austria, Brazil, France, Spain, Italy, the Netherlands, the Czech Republic, Greece, Serbia, Slovakia, Russia, and at
all important Bulgarian stages and festivals. Since 2002, he is a member of the ‘Cellissimo’ cello еnsemble with Anatoli Krastev and Kalina Krusteva. Atanas Krastev has performed over 40 concerts as a soloist of Bulgarian
and foreign orchestras. His repertoire includes works from the Baroque to contemporary music. He has taken part in numerous concerts filmed live
by the Bulgarian National TV, Nova TV, the Belgrade National TV, TV Globo (Brazil), in music documentaries and studio recordings at the Bulgarian National Radio, etc.; DVD by BsB, CD with the ‘Sofia Soloists’ Chamber Orchestra and Plamen Djouroff, CD with “Oscar Esplá de Asisa” piano trio etc. He made edits for the violoncello parts in J. Krushev’s transcriptions of works by Mendelssohn, Grieg and Rachmaninoff (ed. "Musica").


Prof. Atanas Krastev (Cello-Summit Vienna)

13.03.22 – 18.03.22

6 days


Price options

Individual lessons (open to the public)

An accompanist

Public performance

2+2 lessons - Possibility to combine with course from anothers Professors (Prof. Troels Svane, Prof. Gabriel Schwabe, Prof. Giovanni Gnocchi, Prof. Rienhard Latzko, Prof. Francis Gouton, Prof. Wen-Sinn Yang, Prof. Tristan Cornut)

Providing certificates of completion of the course (which will be hold as part of the Cello Summit)

For the best students of the course concert in Musikvereine Wien

Passive participation: 50€ per day

Also available online

Free admission for all active students during the courses of the Cello-Summit Vienna (Prof. Troels Svane, Prof. Gabriel Schwabe, Prof. Giovanni Gnocchi, Prof. Rienhard Latzko, Prof. Atanas Krastev, Prof. Johannes Moser, Prof. Wolfgang Emanuel Schmidt, Prof. Jens-Peter Maintz, Prof. Francis Gouton, Prof. Wen-Sinn Yang, Prof. Jerome Pernoo, Prof. Tristan Cornut)

Course location:

MusikQuartier Vienna
Mariahilfer Straße 51, 1060 Vienna, Austria

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